Youth ATV 90

Arctic Cat Young Rider


What are these Cats made of? Strong components, proven technology and years of experience riding off the beaten path. Everything else is in the details.. Download 90 Youth Spec Sheet

Arctic Cat 90 4 Stroke Engine
90 4-Stroke Engine

Young riders love the power of our 90cc engine. It’s an air-cooled, single-overhead-cam, 2-valve 4-stroke, meaning it’s clean, quiet and fuel-efficient. The 90 Utility and DVX™ 90 machines feature a 15 mph speed limiter.

Fully Independent Front Suspension

A simple display with basic information. This youth model comes with a green neutral and red reverse indicator light to let your little rider know what gear their machine is in.

Arctic Cat Kendal Tires
Kenda Tires & Powder-Coated Steel Wheels

For work or for play, Kenda® tires durable, reliable, and made to take you everywhere you want to go.

Arctic Cat Steel Racks
Front & Rear Steel Racks

Made of high-quality steel, our racks are strong, durable and rated for 10 lbs. carrying capacity on the front and 15 lbs. on the rear.

Arctic Cat Steel Front Racks
Working Headlight & Taillight

When the fun outlasts the sun, this machine lets you see and be seen – with a working headlight and a taillight that keeps you running safe.

Arctic Cat Safety Flag
Safety Flag

There’s nothing more important than staying safe, and this highly-visible, orange whip safety flag lets everyone know where your young rider is at all times.